Book Review – Patterns for Performance and Operability

A commonly overlooked area of many systems are the non-functional requirements and the design to meet those requirements. Patterns for Performance and Operability by Ford, Gileadi, Purba and Moerman provides everyone involved in the software life-cycle from development to support with a good foundation in understanding why non-functional requirements are important and real examples of how to capture, develop, test and operate with these requirements. Systems fail when non-functional requirements have not be considered and it is everyone’s role in the SDLC to consider them.

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The Velocity EU conference was held in London this year during the first week of October. sent a contingent to see the latest and greatest ideas and concepts in high performance web sites and operations.

Velocity, for those who don’t know, is “the best place on the planet for web ops and performance professionals like you to learn from your peers, exchange ideas with experts, and share best practices and lessons learned.” The conference is chaired by Steve Souders (Head Performance Engineer @ Google) & John Allspaw (VP of Tech Operations @ Etsy), so people who know their stuff then. It has been running since 2008 and now happens 3 times per year in China, the USA and Europe.

So then, what did we learn and how are we going to use it?

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