Keeping New Relic new

Paul, @pkiddie wrote a great blog about how we’ve made our customers happier – and engineers using New Relic. We were also given the opportunity to present some of these ideas at a recent New Relic User Group meetup in London.

New Relic London Meetup May 2015 trainline slides.

Now with New Relic ticking along nicely, and dashboards all up next to our product teams so they can see the error rate, revenue and response times. We wanted to make sure we kept up to date with the latest features from New Relic. (Those updates have been arriving up to twice a month for the .Net APM agent we’re using.) As a cloud hosted platform, New Relic is continuously updated and improved, and we want to get the most out of our investment in it by keeping up to date with each release. It also makes our product teams happy when they get to play around with the latest new features. Continue reading

Password resets via Remote Desktop Web Access

We’re all familiar with the monthly password reset – a prompt from Windows that your password has expired, enter your new password twice and you’re done for another month. But what if your Windows domain is only accessible from Remote Desktop Web Access? If you allow your password to expire, you’re locked out! Fortunately Microsoft have a page called password.aspx that allows you to reset your password from the web browser. It’s disabled by default, but I’ll show you how to enable it and how to edit your login page to link to it.

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