Deployment Agility with Air-Traffic Control

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From Change Control to Assumed Approval: how we first managed the operational visibility of Continuous Delivery and how it’s still in use 2 years later

Trainline has changed in many ways over the last 2½ years and, as a 4-year veteran, I have been ideally placed to watch and help enable that change. One of the big changes was from a project-led to a product-led organisation. Along with that comes lots of things, one of which is Continuous Delivery (CD). The advantages of this are well known, and one excellent stat was recently produced that showed that we have achieved a:

122-fold improvement in deployment agility!

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DevOps when you are not a Dev (@Trainline)

Whenever I read about DevOps (which admittedly should be more but my job keeps me challenged in the office and my kids keep me challenged at home, so when I get downtime I prefer to switch off) it’s pretty much always by those from a Development background – we all know that the DevOps movement has its roots in Development, but how rewarding can it be for the Operations guys? (hint: very) Continue reading

Clusters, IT Operations and why Availability is the wrong word

It has been a very busy time at thetrainline, transformational projects have been implemented to improve our development capacity and IT Operations, including automation of our build agent environment using Chef, and more direct control over our hardware across the entire Development to Production pipeline. Consequently the Engineering Blog has been somewhat overlooked, my apologies. Continue reading