Be Afraid

Be afraid.

It’s OK. You are allowed to be afraid. No need to ask permission for it. We’ll worship the gods of Agile, and we won’t even have to work and push and move to do things, we can just point at our collective fear and say “we didn’t have permission”. We won’t feel right about it, but that’s OK. It’s not like we’ll tell anyone. Be so afraid you don’t care, be afraid to move jobs, be a fearful cog in a fearful machine, ground into meek submission.

We’re all so afraid. I’m afraid just writing this. No-one gave me permission to write this, is it the right thing to do? Maybe my boss wouldn’t approve. I’m afraid you’ll take me seriously. I’m afraid you won’t take me seriously. I’m afraid I will ruin your life, just by you reading this. Oh goodness I am afraid, should I be afraid?

Let’s be afraid together. Let’s all live in our collective fear, never changing, never moving, watching our creative endeavours reach no importance, because they don’t have permission. It’s not our fault, it’s everybody’s fault we’re afraid. It’s the way we were taught. We’d be sacked otherwise, right? So we’ll just stay here, afraid, unchanging, asking permission as we were taught, and never having to think, work or take risks.

I’m sure we’ll be comfortable here, sleeping, with one eye open, in fear. Let’s call it “Agile” – after all, we have permission for that.


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