Hack Day 2014 @ thetrainline.com

Hack Day 2014 at thetrainline.comThe end of 2014 at thetrainline.com was marked by the first trainline.com Hack Day which took place in our
Farringdon offices. The aim of the event was to give us all a chance to spend a day trying out new ideas, creating something wonderful and innovative, whether a new product feature, a cool way to use a technology which we have never tried before or even just a beautiful simplification of a business process.

The Hack Day Organisers set five themes for Hackers to mull over and try and win a prize for:

  • New Business Ideas
  • Charity
  • Wearables
  • Spiking for Innovation
  • Making Collaboration Easier

Some fantastic ideas came out of it – particularly eye-catching were the great little apps for Smart Watches as well as the cool use of natural language recognition in conjunction with our applications. Not to mention the beautiful simplicity and huge saving of hacking our ticket coupon printing process, reducing printing to strictly the minimum required for travel.




Best of all was rigging up some portable stoves and making pancakes for
breakfast and hotdogs for lunch to raise money for thetrainline.com charities: The Railway Children, Angels Orphanage (Bangalore) and Kids Company.



Apart from generating some great ideas, it was also great collaborative fun: what was really happening was allowing our talented people the freedom to bring their full potential to bear on the problems that thetrainline.com seeks to solve and this is exactly the spirit that we want to inject into every day here.

Hack Day Winners

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