Trainline Engineering at Silicon Milkroundabout 5.0

The Trainline Engineering team attended Silicon Milkroundabout 5.0, the tech hiring event held at the Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane on Sunday, May 12th, 2013. It was a great event, well organised and with excellent turnaround of quality job seekers.

thetrainline at Silicon Milk 2013

thetrainline at Silicon Milk 2013 – I’m on the left 🙂

The event’s participants are mostly startups, but also more established companies attended like StackExchangeyammer, king and us at This year many startups gravitated towards recruiting mobile applications development skills alongside more traditional javascript, php and design skills. It was an excellent opportunity for informal conversations with fellow companies, which resulted in several invitations to present at meet-up events.

Unfortunately I didn’t have much time to look at other booths. I couldn’t miss though dattch which got most attention by far. I also especially liked the lighting pitch (one minute presentation by each participating company) done by Quiet Riots just before my pitch. Apparently they allow disgruntled customers to deliver complaint letters to CEOs by messengers wearing chicken suits!

Job opportunities at the Trainline

Trainline has two great opportunities for developers at the moment, the first with Trainline International (, a start-up we launched recently to continue our expansion into international markets.  The company has been set up as a single cross-functional team which is using a lean startup approach to enable rapid development and deployment of the new product, reacting swiftly to customer feedback.  We are also using cloud based infrastructure and SaaS to enable the company to operate with a low cost base while having maximum flexibility and scalability.

The second opportunity is with, the number one UK travel booking site. We are looking for Agile Developers and Systems Engineers to join our self-organising teams; using the latest versions of C#, Oracle Exadata, SQL Server, NServiceBus, PowerShell, and VMware vSphere; using XP practices like pairing and continuous integration; using private and public cloud infrastructure; joining a strong community that blogs or contributes to open source projects and – most importantly – plays Table Tennis, Quake Arena, flies helicopters or shoots each other with Nerf Guns 🙂

For more information, head over to our jobs website:

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