Service Tech Symposium: Fault-Tolerant Cloud Design, Conway’s Law and SOA

On 24 September I went to Service Technology Symposium 2012 in London to see the latest industry thinking around cloud and datacentre automation. In the engineering team at we have recently been busy fleshing out our strategy for cloud computing. We virtualised our Production infrastructure a few years ago, and we’re now looking at various forms of public and hybrid cloud (on-premise plus IaaS/PaaS) and more advanced infrastructure automation.

Two of the sessions in particular were useful: Fault-Tolerant Cloud Computing by John deVadoss of Microsoft [slides], and Conway’s Law and Service-Orientation by HP and Vodafone [slides].

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Feed Your Team – How Calories Correlate to Technical Excellence

pizzaIn theory, an Agile Dev team should be self organising and self motivated to continuously improve their development environment. Keeping up the motivation and learning needs dedication; here at we’ve tried various formats with varying degrees of success but as a development manager I feel that the approach with the greatest success can be correlated to… calories. Continue reading

Hello from the engineering team at

We’re excited to be launching this blog covering the work done by the engineering team at, the UK’s foremost retailer of train tickets online, which runs one of the busiest web infrastructures in the UK.

Expect details of how we build and deploy our software, how we record and display metrics, how we design, configure and operate the system, and how we diagnose and fix errors in the software, networks, hardware, infrastructure and system architecture.

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